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Oakland Solutions Has Been Exceptional In Their Service
“Information Technology is a vital component of our business daily operation. It provides us the opportunity to connect with our customers and respond to them promptly. For example, email is the principle mean of communication between us and our customers. It allows us to stay connected and address their requests sufficiently. Additionally, through information technology we can promote our services and reach a global market. Oakland Solutions has been exceptional in their service. The staff is very knowledgeable and attentive to any maintenance issues. They always respond quickly to our requests and complete projects efficiently as promised. We are very satisfied with the quality and service provided by Oakland Solutions. They are always accessible and easy to reach. There is always someone available to respond to our questions and address any technical issues.”
– Gregg Laviolette, Owner, Stone Restoration Services, Troy, MI

Oakland Solutions Provided Exceptional Support During A Crisis
“In the financial services industry connectivity is key. We are on the road meeting with clients and we need reliable access via mobile devices to stay connected and conduct business in the field. Oakland Solutions stepped up and assisted us with network connectivity and access issues on our mobile devices. They were prompt, attentive, and very quick to resolve the issue knowing how critical it was to get back up and running as soon as possible. If you are looking for a company to provide professional, attentive, service and keep your business running smoothly, look no further, Oakland Solutions is the answer!”
– Dan Granda, Manager, Betcher Financial Group, Sterling Heights, MI

No School Like The Old School
“Oakland Solutions’ strongest point is that they are old school in the good sense. Honest, reliable, professional, gets there on time and gets the job done quickly. Their remote access service is phenomenal – they can fix many problems from their office, in ten minutes, with only a phone call!

They do not over-think the problem and you will not find your data lost on an obscure cloud somewhere or linked to a new age app that disappears in 19 days because the company has gone out of business. Solid, quick, reliable – Done! Essential for the fast pace of small business.”
– Pat Hopkinson, Owner, A Garden Space, Sterling Heights, MI

Dependable, Reliable and Knowledgeable
“Our business relies on our computers operating well. Oakland Solutions has been very helpful to keep everything running smoothly. They have been dependable, reliable and knowledgeable and they have fixed problems that other computer techs couldn’t fix. They’re the best!”
– Linda Hodgdon, QuirkRoberts Publishing, Troy, MI

Doesn’t Treat Me Like I’m A Small Business
“I have an internet Network Marketing Business. My business spans the U.S. and Jamaica. Everything I do is on the computer – internet. If my computer does not work, I can lose contact with my business associates, clients as well as well as my affiliate partner stores. Oakland Solutions helps me not only because they are knowledgeable about computers, but they are reliable. I know, because they have proved it, that whenever I call, they will answer or call me back. Even though I am a one-person business, they treat me like I am a multi-national corporation. More than that, they understand my jargon when I’m trying to explain what the problem is. Everything is backed up so if my computer crashes, my files can be retrieved. I have virus protection so I don’t have to worry about that. Any message that pops up on my computer, I usually don’t know what it means or what to do, if anything; I can call Oakland Solutions for help.

I am very happy with the level of service I receive. I know how to turn the computer on, do what I need to do for my business, and turn the computer off. Oakland Solutions knows everything else and can fix whatever problem I may have so that I can always get back to running my business. If ever I have the opportunity to give them a referral, I’m glad do so because I know that they will be treated the same way I am treated.”
– Pam Williford, Owner, Williford Group, Detroit, MI

Four Days Of Catch Up For Each Day Down
“I have more important things to do with my company than to worry about my server being down, and for us, one day of server downtime means four days to catch up. Since taking over as our IT service provider, Oakland Solutions has kept our server up continuously, and with their 24 hours a day monitoring I feel confident that it will stay up. They provide great service with a smile, they are very attentive to detail and competitively priced.”
-Gary Laviolette, President, Troy Auto Glass, Troy, MI

Very Responsive
“Oakland Solutions has been providing IT support for us for several years. They know everything about our installation. They understand our language and priorities and they speak to us in plain English. When we need them, they’re here. If we leave a message they respond to our voicemail or email right away. I know they’re there and whatever the reason is that I called I know they’re going to get it taken care of.”
– Brian Burgin, Business Manager, Saint Anastasia Catholic Church, Troy, MI

Quoted Me A Firm Price and Stuck To It
“I want to offer this recommendation of the services of Oakland Solutions LLC. I use my computer for a side business and cannot afford to have it go down for long. It went down and would not boot one morning. I called around and found that the big name repair shops charged on an hourly basis with no firm final estimate. They said that if they take 4 hours to fix it, I’d be paying them $400! Oakland Solutions was willing to quote me a firm price in my case, since it was a standard type of problem, and they stuck to it. That sold me on the idea of using them. They fixed it in two days, even though they were busy with other work. I’ll use them again.”
– Bill Griffin, Royal Oak, MI

There Were No Surprises And Everything Went Just As They Described
“Just a note to thank you again for your excellent service! I’ve been very frustrated by my slow computer running poorly and freezing up on me, for some time now. They came right on time and made the process very painless. They took the slow tower away and brought it back running well and efficiently and fast! There were no surprises and everything went just as they described. My computer was fixed right and you did so at a fair rate. I wish I would’ve known about your service and called you a long time ago! I’ll tell everyone I know with a computer problem to call you! Thanks again!”
– Kathy Janes, Business Development Manager, ACHR NEWS, Troy, MI

Quickly Restored Access To Client Documents
“As a business owner, a seemingly small occurrence, such as a computer glitch, can pull things significantly off-track and cause the loss of valuable time and resources. Thus, I am very appreciative of Oakland Solutions for coming to our rescue today when we suddenly learned that we could not access certain Word documents needed to serve our clients. Oakland Solutions diagnosed the problem, found our files, and helped us to finish a crazy work day with peace-of-mind. Thank you again, Oakland Solutions!”
– Anahid Derbabian, Founder/Owner, Integrity Communications, Birmingham, MI