Personal PC Maintenance

Your PC—Safe, Secure and Reliable

PCs are like cars, if you maintain them they’re safe and reliable.

Safety: If you don’t maintain your car you can find yourself stranded. If you don’t maintain your PC, you’re at a higher risk of viruses and identity theft.

Reliability: If you maintain your car, it just runs better. The same is true for your PC.

Personal PC Maintenance from Oakland Solutions addresses both of these areas easily, thoroughly and within your budget by using the same commercial grade tools we use to support our business clients, but packaged to make them affordable to consumers and home based businesses

Here’s What We Do For You

For an affordable flat monthly fee, here’s what we provide:

  • We apply patches and updates for Microsoft and dozens of the most common non-Microsoft products. This helps to keep your PC running with less errors, making your PC more reliable, and closes security holes, making your PC more secure.
  • We provide backup software and cloud based backup storage to protect the data stored in your user profile (the default location for storing your documents, photos, etc.)
  • We provide commercial grade antivirus software and schedule regular scans to detect and block malicious software.
  • We provide web filtering software to stop your PC from even requesting data from malicious websites
  • We perform routine housekeeping tasks like cleaning up temporary files and defragmenting your hard drive
  • We provide remote support should you have a question or require assistance
  • We monitor your PC and the maintenance activity 24 x 7. For example, if a backup fails or an antivirus scan detects something we know about it and can take appropriate action.
  • We report to you regularly on the activity and status of your PC.

For more information please give us a call at (248)689-1439.