Virus Removal

Computer viruses and virus removal

There are several categories of what computer professionals call malware: viruses, trojans, worms & spyware just to name a few. While there are technical differences between them, most non-computer professionals simply refer to the entire group as viruses. No matter what you call them, however, once one of them has taken up residence in your computer you just want it removed as quickly as possible.

Do you have a computer virus?virus

A great question. Sometimes it’s obvious that a computer has virus and sometimes it’s not; it really depends on what the particular piece of malware is designed to do. Some viruses will announce their presence and actually pop up a message saying something like “You’ve been infected by the ‘whatever’ virus.” In fact one of the earliest computer viruses, called “the Creeper”, did just this – once it infected a system it would spread itself to every other connected computer and display the message “I’M THE CREEPER : CATCH ME IF YOU CAN”

However, not all viruses publicize the fact that they’ve installed themselves on your PC. Another way to see if you have a virus is to check your antivirus program and see if it’s running. The first thing many viruses do is look for and shut off any antivirus program they can. If your current antivirus software is disabled, try turning it back on. If you can’t, or if it shuts off again, you’re probably infected with something.

Unfortunately, some viruses are harder to detect. If you experience any of the following symptoms you may have a virus:

  • Your computer is running slower than normal
  • You get lots of unusual error messages
  • You have icons that have suddenly appeared on your desktop
  • You have problems printing
  • Your computer stops responding to your keyboard and / or mouse
  • Your computer seems to be locked up
  • Your computer crashes
  • Your programs don’t seem to run correctly
  • You have drives (hard disks, CD drives, DVD drives, etc…) that are inaccessible

Basically, if it seems like your computer is suddenly acting weird you should suspect a virus. If you are experiencing any of the symptoms above contact us today. Let us ask you a few questions to better understand your situation and we’ll provide you with a free estimate.

Virus removal

Getting rid of a virus can be tricky, even for a professional. There are tools and utilities that the experts use (some targeted to a few specific types of viruses, some more general purpose) that get the job done.

If you want to try to get rid of the virus by yourself understand that the easiest viruses to get rid of fit the following scenario: You have an antivirus program installed but you have let the subscription expire (so your antivirus program isn’t receiving updates and can’t protect you from newly created viruses) and you catch a newly created viruses. If you find yourself in this situation and if you can get your currently installed antivirus program started, then all you may need to do is to restart your antivirus subscription, put all the updates on your antivirus program and run a full system scan.

If this doesn’t work for you (you can’t get your antivirus program started, or the scan doesn’t find anything but the problems persist) then contact us immediately. Let us ask you a few questions to better understand your situation and we’ll provide you with a free estimate.