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Is Your Computer Bloated?

Bloatware (also known as crapware) is software and/or apps that are pre-installed on new computers, phones, and other devices. Some of the pre-installs are useful, but chances are you’ll never use most of them. And while they can be annoying, there are other reasons to get rid of them: they hog the memory you need for the apps you do want, they drain the battery, and they can cause your device to run slowly or even crash it.

The most common types of bloatware are trialware which is included on your device for free but works for a specific trial period (30 days to 6 months) until you purchase a license. Unless you’re interested in trying it out, you can uninstall it.

Some of the more common bloatware includes:

  • Candy Crush in all its iterations

  • Microsoft Silverlight (most modern browsers don’t support Silverlight)

  • 3D Viewer and 3D Print, unless you have a 3D printer.

  • Paint 3D which is much more confusing to use than the classic Paint app

  • Solitaire and Xbox. If you don’t use them, you can dump them.

  • Mixed Reality Portal, which according to ZDNet, is safe for ordinary mortals to remove.

Removing them is easy. Just right click and wait for a pop-up screen. Find the uninstall option on the list. Left click on it and say good-bye.


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