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Is Your Computer Terminal, Pt. 2

What are the dangers of not moving off Windows 7?

Cybercriminals are already preparing to attack, knowing that users will be vulnerable without those security updates. PCs and laptops that continue to run Windows 7 will be extremely vulnerable to security breaches and malware, including viruses. That means any computer running Windows 7 will be completely exposed to serious hacker attacks aimed at taking control of your network, stealing data, crashing your system.

The security firm, Kaspersky, reports that 38 percent of consumers are still using Windows 7. Small businesses are at almost 38 percent. Alexey Pankratov, enterprise solutions manager at Kaspersky, says the cost of a security breach in your system may be substantially higher than the cost of upgrading. “This is why we recommend that customers migrate to supported versions and ensure that additional security tools are in place during the transition period."

For more information about Windows 7 end of life, and an overview of what options are available to you, visit Oakland Solutions.


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